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When did I start working on these cushions?

June, I think it was.

And I just finished them in time for Savannah’s February birthday.

I see lots of flaws in them. But they are done, they tie on the bottom and the zipper allows them to be easily removed.

Now all we need is warm weather!


Polka dots are cool.


But skulls are cooler.


Put them together and you have one hard core zip bag.


I am spending this weekend in Chicago, celebrating the third birthday of a little buzzard, and needed a new zip bag to help organize the smaller items in my compartment-less tote.


What better way to celebrate the city that brought us The Smashing Pumpkins than with this rocking’ zip bag.


As mentioned earlier, I sewed my first skirt this fall using Simplicity pattern 2451D.


There were a few imperfections around the zipper, with the top of the zipper being misaligned and the bottom stitches not meeting the zipper. That error was not discovered until I wore the skirt to work. Hence the quick red stitches done in the bathroom!


All in all, a wonderful skirt to wear with fall foliage!


This fall I tried a real skirt pattern, I will show you that skirt later.

For now, check out a modified version of the skirt, pleated in the front with plaid pockets. (Sadly this skirt turned out a touch too short to wear outside of the house!)



I am pleasantly pleased with the red lining, which for some reason reminds me of Harry Potter.


No skirt would be complete without a coordinating belt for my boyfriend!


Recently, I began sewing a real dress from a real pattern.


It turned out way too big and way too boxy!

I feel like an Amish school teacher when put it on.

However, it was not a total flop.


I am very pleased with the lining and the zipper!

The dress will remain unfinished, since I know I will never wear it.

Now, on to skirts….

I am the proud owner of a Singer!

This mini zip bag was my first ever project:

Here is what I worked on this Saturday morning:

I have always like the ruffle collar of this shirt:

So I took two pink tissue ts and made my own!