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This Columbus Day I worked on the outdoor cushions that I began this spring.

I pinned the custom made piping to the top circular piece and sewed in place using a zipper foot.

Once sewed, I trimmed the excess fabric and repeated in the other top piece.

These cushions still scare me.

Next up is sewing the bottom pieces, with the tie-downs that I made today.

But I am not sure the best way to do so.


512 inches to be exact. That is how much bias tape I needed for my most recent project.

This little guy got a lot of work.

There are many aspects to these cushions that scare me. The first being the piping.

Instead of buying coordinating piping, I made my own.

Here’s how:

1. I cut four 45″ (the cushion’s circumference) x 2″ strips of fabric and four 45″ lengths of white cording.


2. When buying the cording, the associate wrapped the ends with tape to prevent fraying. I did the same.


3. I placed the cording in the middle of the wrong side of the fabric and folded it over like a hot dog. To keep the cording from slipping, I stay stitched one end.


4. Using a zipper foot and a stitch width of 6 (to move the needle as far to the left as possible), I stitched down the length. I found holding the fabric in place to be quicker and easier than using pins.


5. After repeating with the remaining three cords and strips of fabric, my cushion piping was complete!


I did not cut my fabric strips on the bias, which may have been a poor choice.


Considering the next step is to attach the piping to the circular cushion fabric. Yikes!

I’ve had this fabric and these notions since May.


I’ve been scared to turn them into cushions, so all I’ve done is cut the cushions into circles.


Until this weekend…

This is my first time sewing shorts, two pairs for the rainbow rompers.


Complete with pockets!


All that is left to do is join the tops to the bottoms.

Two different tops for two rainbow rompers.

The first, for myself, is view B of McCall’s M6533, strapless.


The second, for a friend, is view A, sleeves.


View B was much quicker than A. View A called for interfacing, which I did not use because I have no practice with interfacing and am scared to us it. Both seem to be on the short side, which means the rompers were either made for people with short torsos, or they will have high waisted shorts.

We shall see!

Work is underway on 2 summer rompers!


Once the patterns pieces are cut for McCall’s M6533, sewing the rompers should be fun and easy.

After a modified attempt, I am following McCall’s M6534 to a T.


This time around, I have a better understanding of the pattern and was excited to see the little sleeves take shape.


All that’s left to do is sew in the zipper and hem the dress.


Hopefully I will have it finished in time for church on Sunday!

Way back in January, one of my birthday gifts was a yard of summer seersucker.

I used it for a ruffled top, to wear on a Memorial Day adventure!

Maybe it is because I used an un-suggested fabric. Maybe it is because I wanted to make the dress have one strap, instead of two sleeves. Or maybe it is because I was sewing Saturday morning without eating breakfast. Whatever the case, I am confused by McCall’s pattern M6534.

To start with I had the hardest time matching up the sleeves.

Maybe the pattern was misprinted, but these notches did not match up!

Same with the notches on the front and back skirt pieces.


Like I said, I wanted the dress to have one strap, not two sleeves. If I was sewing the sleeves, maybe I would have noticed that I had sewed the bodice upside down!

See, the bodice and skirt match up nicely, when the pattern pieces are the right way.



Look at that grain line arrow pointing down, what was I thinking?! I am such a novice!

A novice with a one strap dress that actually turned out well, even though the bodice was sewn on upside down!

I’ll share the finished product soon.