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Last night I began working on the bodice for my Vogue 8631 dress. Instead of navy, I selected this orange dot fabric.


I practiced real sewing techniques, like basting pleats and using bias tape.


All was going well until I got to this step, trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4″. It was then I realizes that in the previous step, trim away armhole raw edge 1/2″ from basting, I had in error trimmed 1/2″ from the raw edge. When it came time to turn bias tape to inside along seam, there was hardly any seam left!


I am too frustrated to fix it, so, for even sleeves, I will have to mess up the other sleeve in the same manner. Good thing the rest of the dress will be trimmed in bias tape, giving me a chance to get it right!


After doing a little bit of “free sewing”, my next projects will be based on the following patterns:

Very Easy Vogue V8631 – Most likely in navy.

McCall’s M6533 – Who doesn’t want a romper for summer lounging?!

McCall’s M6534 – Most likely in linen.