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This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I got to show off our muslins.


I have been working on the Wiksten Tova Top for myself and the Colette Patterns’ Negroni for him.


My sister took some fun photos of us in my grandparent’s backyard.


While I like the out takes the best, here is the real take.


Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim!


My new favorite thing is turning two tops into one top.


For these tops, I took six old shirts (I mean old, don’t look at the weathered underarms!), and turned them into a trio of tops.


They are great for looking cute, working out and hanging around the house.


I have not worn my polka dotted pool cover up since Memorial Day weekend. So I decided to refashion it into a top.


I call it a top because it is an inch or two too short to wear as a dress. I cut the sheared top off the cover up, cut the bottom off an old tank and combined the two.


The pleating at the empire waistline made the top super comfortable!

Two different tops for two rainbow rompers.

The first, for myself, is view B of McCall’s M6533, strapless.


The second, for a friend, is view A, sleeves.


View B was much quicker than A. View A called for interfacing, which I did not use because I have no practice with interfacing and am scared to us it. Both seem to be on the short side, which means the rompers were either made for people with short torsos, or they will have high waisted shorts.

We shall see!

I have three projects in the works.

This fabric reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and will be fun as a nursing cover for a good friend.

These fabrics may look familiar, as I will be making another Sorbetto top. This time polka dotted trimmed with floral bias tape (made with my new, fun bias tape maker).

This fun mirror imaged fabric will be turned into two round cushions, for a quaint outdoor table.


Friday night I found this pattern from Colette Patterns. I thought it looked simple and fun, so I gave it a whirl. This is how it turned out.


This top gave me a chance to work on a few techniques, mainly bias tape. I made my own with a one inch strip of fabric folded over a little under 1/4 inch on each side. It was time consuming, but good practice. By the last arm hole, I finally got the hang of how to apply it.


I am pleased with my Sorbetto Tank Top!

I had grand plans for this post. Me, in my new red ruffle seersucker top, smiling, proudly waving an American flag; supporting the Rolling Thunder as they crossed the Memorial bridge into DC on their 25th First Amendment Demonstration Run. It was going to be cute!

However, I was super sweaty with horrible hair after the long walk there. Nothing about me was cute.

All I have to share are two cropped photos to show that I was there, in my top, waving my flag.



Happy Memorial Day!

The light blue polka dot dress I was working on did not turn out as planned. While I am not afraid of short skirts, I hemmed this dress so short that it turned into a shirt.


While the neckline is full of errors, the cuffs turned out wonderfully.


Such pretty fabric to have flopped!

I like this shirt because it is made of Madras.


However, I feel like a boy whenever I put it on, so I never wear it.

With a little refashioning, I turned it into a girly tube top!


The buttons now run down the back, where I added a little shirring for shape.


Now I like it even more!

I am the proud owner of a Singer!

This mini zip bag was my first ever project:

Here is what I worked on this Saturday morning:

I have always like the ruffle collar of this shirt:

So I took two pink tissue ts and made my own!