When I am given a good gift, I use it until it can’t be used anymore. About five years ago, my good friend Jessica gave me this skull makeup bag as a thank you for helping out on a youth fall retreat.

Since then, my makeup has always been in this bag. And this bag has always been in my purse. It has become well worn over the years, and the time came to replace it. Instead of buying a new one, I set out to re-create the old one.

Measuring the dimensions, I drafted a pattern and cut my pieces. To make the bag more durable, I used interfacing on the skull fabric and lined the bag with black polka dots.

After sewing in the zipper, I realized my first mistake – when drafting a pattern, you need to add the seam allowance to every side of the fabric.

The bag has more of a box shape, which is harder than it looks to sew. A few mistakes later, I was ready to sew my final seam.

Surprisingly, it worked!

Also surprisingly, even with the seam allowance error, the new bag turned out bigger than the old bag.

Change is not easy for me, but I am liking my new bag more and more each day.