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Back in November, I began working on Simplicity New Look pattern 6968C.

I left it unfinished because it turned out big and boxy, especially in the bodice.


Last night, I decided to give it another try.

I shortened the shoulder seam by 2 inches, bringing the back higher.


Formed the neckline into a V.


Shortened the hemline about 6 inches. At first I did 8 inches, which turned out to be way too short! Thankfully I had left over fabric to add a 2 inch band.


Finally, I sewed an old paisley silk belt from J.Crew to the waistline. The blue and green accents the (unseen) blue lining well.


While the dress is still a little big, it is comfortable and great for work.



As mentioned earlier, I sewed my first skirt this fall using Simplicity pattern 2451D.


There were a few imperfections around the zipper, with the top of the zipper being misaligned and the bottom stitches not meeting the zipper. That error was not discovered until I wore the skirt to work. Hence the quick red stitches done in the bathroom!


All in all, a wonderful skirt to wear with fall foliage!


This fall I tried a real skirt pattern, I will show you that skirt later.

For now, check out a modified version of the skirt, pleated in the front with plaid pockets. (Sadly this skirt turned out a touch too short to wear outside of the house!)



I am pleasantly pleased with the red lining, which for some reason reminds me of Harry Potter.


No skirt would be complete without a coordinating belt for my boyfriend!


Recently, I began sewing a real dress from a real pattern.


It turned out way too big and way too boxy!

I feel like an Amish school teacher when put it on.

However, it was not a total flop.


I am very pleased with the lining and the zipper!

The dress will remain unfinished, since I know I will never wear it.

Now, on to skirts….