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I had grand plans for this post. Me, in my new red ruffle seersucker top, smiling, proudly waving an American flag; supporting the Rolling Thunder as they crossed the Memorial bridge into DC on their 25th First Amendment Demonstration Run. It was going to be cute!

However, I was super sweaty with horrible hair after the long walk there. Nothing about me was cute.

All I have to share are two cropped photos to show that I was there, in my top, waving my flag.



Happy Memorial Day!


Way back in January, one of my birthday gifts was a yard of summer seersucker.

I used it for a ruffled top, to wear on a Memorial Day adventure!

I made these ruffle bottom bloomers a while ago.



And just pulled them out to review the ruffles, for a top I hope to have finished by Memorial Day!

A new gray night dress, for the gray nights of winter.


With a little embellishment, to make it a little more fun to fall asleep.


Summer Scarves for all the moms in my family!

Tonight I turned this:

Into this:

Fun and frilly!

I am the proud owner of a Singer!

This mini zip bag was my first ever project:

Here is what I worked on this Saturday morning:

I have always like the ruffle collar of this shirt:

So I took two pink tissue ts and made my own!