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My new favorite thing is turning two tops into one top.


For these tops, I took six old shirts (I mean old, don’t look at the weathered underarms!), and turned them into a trio of tops.


They are great for looking cute, working out and hanging around the house.



I have not worn my polka dotted pool cover up since Memorial Day weekend. So I decided to refashion it into a top.


I call it a top because it is an inch or two too short to wear as a dress. I cut the sheared top off the cover up, cut the bottom off an old tank and combined the two.


The pleating at the empire waistline made the top super comfortable!

Here is my novice attempt at modifying McCall’s M6534 pattern:


To make this one-strap dress, I cut the two skirt and two bodice pattern pieces. I darted the pieces as instructed, then attached the bodice upside-down to the skirt, omitting the zipper since using a jersey knit fabric. With the bodice upside-down, the dress had two “straps”. I cut off one of the straps, finishing the dress with a scooping one-strap neckline.


While not perfect, I am happy with my modifications and love the paint splattered fabric!

I hope to attempt this pattern again, correctly, in a linen-like fabric.

Back in November, I began working on Simplicity New Look pattern 6968C.

I left it unfinished because it turned out big and boxy, especially in the bodice.


Last night, I decided to give it another try.

I shortened the shoulder seam by 2 inches, bringing the back higher.


Formed the neckline into a V.


Shortened the hemline about 6 inches. At first I did 8 inches, which turned out to be way too short! Thankfully I had left over fabric to add a 2 inch band.


Finally, I sewed an old paisley silk belt from J.Crew to the waistline. The blue and green accents the (unseen) blue lining well.


While the dress is still a little big, it is comfortable and great for work.


The top of this dress may look familiar, as it used to be one of my favorite shirts.


Now I want to turn all of my shirts into color blocked dresses!

I like this shirt because it is made of Madras.


However, I feel like a boy whenever I put it on, so I never wear it.

With a little refashioning, I turned it into a girly tube top!


The buttons now run down the back, where I added a little shirring for shape.


Now I like it even more!

Tonight I turned this:

Into this:

Fun and frilly!

I am the proud owner of a Singer!

This mini zip bag was my first ever project:

Here is what I worked on this Saturday morning:

I have always like the ruffle collar of this shirt:

So I took two pink tissue ts and made my own!