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When I am given a good gift, I use it until it can’t be used anymore. About five years ago, my good friend Jessica gave me this skull makeup bag as a thank you for helping out on a youth fall retreat.

Since then, my makeup has always been in this bag. And this bag has always been in my purse. It has become well worn over the years, and the time came to replace it. Instead of buying a new one, I set out to re-create the old one.

Measuring the dimensions, I drafted a pattern and cut my pieces. To make the bag more durable, I used interfacing on the skull fabric and lined the bag with black polka dots.

After sewing in the zipper, I realized my first mistake – when drafting a pattern, you need to add the seam allowance to every side of the fabric.

The bag has more of a box shape, which is harder than it looks to sew. A few mistakes later, I was ready to sew my final seam.

Surprisingly, it worked!

Also surprisingly, even with the seam allowance error, the new bag turned out bigger than the old bag.

Change is not easy for me, but I am liking my new bag more and more each day.



There has been a winter baby boom among my friends, with four of them giving birth within weeks of each other. That means lots of personalized blanket sewing!


First born was Logan, whose mom loves (and coaches) volleyball.


Next born were Braden and Florence, both third-borns.



On Monday my best friend quickly gave birth to her second child, a girl!


I met adorable Jamie on Monday and gently laid her on her new blanket.


Stay warm boys and girls.



And welcome to the world!

I love sewing baby blankets. With a vast variety of fabrics available, it is fun to customize them with mom and baby in mind.

I thought this pink polka dot giraffe print blanket would be perfect for my friend Jenny Lynn and her adorable baby girl.

Stay warm, cozy and stylish baby Bea!

Polka dots are cool.


But skulls are cooler.


Put them together and you have one hard core zip bag.


I am spending this weekend in Chicago, celebrating the third birthday of a little buzzard, and needed a new zip bag to help organize the smaller items in my compartment-less tote.


What better way to celebrate the city that brought us The Smashing Pumpkins than with this rocking’ zip bag.


I moved!

To a townhouse in the same wonderful neighborhood of Fairlington.

My new yellow room needed new curtains.

I selected this white on white polka dot fabric.

The curtains were simple and easy to make, with the tab top heading requiring the most attention.


I love my new curtains! They are nice and bright, providing privacy while allowing the morning sunlight to pour in.


Now that my curtains are finished, I am thinking of sewing a duvet cover and pillow shams, keeping with the yellow, red and white colors in the room.

Friday night I found this pattern from Colette Patterns. I thought it looked simple and fun, so I gave it a whirl. This is how it turned out.


This top gave me a chance to work on a few techniques, mainly bias tape. I made my own with a one inch strip of fabric folded over a little under 1/4 inch on each side. It was time consuming, but good practice. By the last arm hole, I finally got the hang of how to apply it.


I am pleased with my Sorbetto Tank Top!

Yesterday was a perfect first pool day of the summer. Here, amidst the drying towels, is my polka dotted pool cover up:


I used left over fabric from my Very Easy Vogue V8631dress (still in progress), for this simple dress.

Happy sunning and swimming!

Last night I began working on the bodice for my Vogue 8631 dress. Instead of navy, I selected this orange dot fabric.


I practiced real sewing techniques, like basting pleats and using bias tape.


All was going well until I got to this step, trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4″. It was then I realizes that in the previous step, trim away armhole raw edge 1/2″ from basting, I had in error trimmed 1/2″ from the raw edge. When it came time to turn bias tape to inside along seam, there was hardly any seam left!


I am too frustrated to fix it, so, for even sleeves, I will have to mess up the other sleeve in the same manner. Good thing the rest of the dress will be trimmed in bias tape, giving me a chance to get it right!

The light blue polka dot dress I was working on did not turn out as planned. While I am not afraid of short skirts, I hemmed this dress so short that it turned into a shirt.


While the neckline is full of errors, the cuffs turned out wonderfully.


Such pretty fabric to have flopped!

Very pleased with the finished dress.


Especially since it pairs well with red!