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This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I got to show off our muslins.


I have been working on the Wiksten Tova Top for myself and the Colette Patterns’ Negroni for him.


My sister took some fun photos of us in my grandparent’s backyard.


While I like the out takes the best, here is the real take.


Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim!


The Rainbow Rompers are complete!



I omitted two steps from the McCall’s M533 pattern. First, I did not use interfacing for the bodice of view A. I do not think it would have made much of a difference on the front bodice, but the neck facing sticks up like a mini ruffled collar. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Second, I did not elasticize the waistband. It was one of the last steps and we thought the rompers may look nice with a belt instead of a gathered waist.

The sleeves in view A turned out more tank-like than capped. Again, not a bad thing.


When we put them on, I looked ready for the beach and my romper twin looked ready for an athletic completion of sorts:


The photo may be fuzzy, but the fun-ness of the rompers is clear!

This is my first time sewing shorts, two pairs for the rainbow rompers.


Complete with pockets!


All that is left to do is join the tops to the bottoms.

I am pleased with my finished McCall’s M6534 dress!

Pleased with the elasticized neckline.


Pleased with the cap sleeves.


Pleased with the exactness of the darts.


Pleased with the hook and eye atop the zipper.


And pleased to be sending the finished dress to a good friend in Richmond, as it was a little snug for me.


By far, my best dress to date!

Work is underway on 2 summer rompers!


Once the patterns pieces are cut for McCall’s M6533, sewing the rompers should be fun and easy.

After a modified attempt, I am following McCall’s M6534 to a T.


This time around, I have a better understanding of the pattern and was excited to see the little sleeves take shape.


All that’s left to do is sew in the zipper and hem the dress.


Hopefully I will have it finished in time for church on Sunday!

Here is my novice attempt at modifying McCall’s M6534 pattern:


To make this one-strap dress, I cut the two skirt and two bodice pattern pieces. I darted the pieces as instructed, then attached the bodice upside-down to the skirt, omitting the zipper since using a jersey knit fabric. With the bodice upside-down, the dress had two “straps”. I cut off one of the straps, finishing the dress with a scooping one-strap neckline.


While not perfect, I am happy with my modifications and love the paint splattered fabric!

I hope to attempt this pattern again, correctly, in a linen-like fabric.

Friday night I found this pattern from Colette Patterns. I thought it looked simple and fun, so I gave it a whirl. This is how it turned out.


This top gave me a chance to work on a few techniques, mainly bias tape. I made my own with a one inch strip of fabric folded over a little under 1/4 inch on each side. It was time consuming, but good practice. By the last arm hole, I finally got the hang of how to apply it.


I am pleased with my Sorbetto Tank Top!

Maybe it is because I used an un-suggested fabric. Maybe it is because I wanted to make the dress have one strap, instead of two sleeves. Or maybe it is because I was sewing Saturday morning without eating breakfast. Whatever the case, I am confused by McCall’s pattern M6534.

To start with I had the hardest time matching up the sleeves.

Maybe the pattern was misprinted, but these notches did not match up!

Same with the notches on the front and back skirt pieces.


Like I said, I wanted the dress to have one strap, not two sleeves. If I was sewing the sleeves, maybe I would have noticed that I had sewed the bodice upside down!

See, the bodice and skirt match up nicely, when the pattern pieces are the right way.



Look at that grain line arrow pointing down, what was I thinking?! I am such a novice!

A novice with a one strap dress that actually turned out well, even though the bodice was sewn on upside down!

I’ll share the finished product soon.

Last night I began working on the bodice for my Vogue 8631 dress. Instead of navy, I selected this orange dot fabric.


I practiced real sewing techniques, like basting pleats and using bias tape.


All was going well until I got to this step, trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4″. It was then I realizes that in the previous step, trim away armhole raw edge 1/2″ from basting, I had in error trimmed 1/2″ from the raw edge. When it came time to turn bias tape to inside along seam, there was hardly any seam left!


I am too frustrated to fix it, so, for even sleeves, I will have to mess up the other sleeve in the same manner. Good thing the rest of the dress will be trimmed in bias tape, giving me a chance to get it right!