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Maybe it is because I used an un-suggested fabric. Maybe it is because I wanted to make the dress have one strap, instead of two sleeves. Or maybe it is because I was sewing Saturday morning without eating breakfast. Whatever the case, I am confused by McCall’s pattern M6534.

To start with I had the hardest time matching up the sleeves.

Maybe the pattern was misprinted, but these notches did not match up!

Same with the notches on the front and back skirt pieces.


Like I said, I wanted the dress to have one strap, not two sleeves. If I was sewing the sleeves, maybe I would have noticed that I had sewed the bodice upside down!

See, the bodice and skirt match up nicely, when the pattern pieces are the right way.



Look at that grain line arrow pointing down, what was I thinking?! I am such a novice!

A novice with a one strap dress that actually turned out well, even though the bodice was sewn on upside down!

I’ll share the finished product soon.


Last night I began working on the bodice for my Vogue 8631 dress. Instead of navy, I selected this orange dot fabric.


I practiced real sewing techniques, like basting pleats and using bias tape.


All was going well until I got to this step, trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4″. It was then I realizes that in the previous step, trim away armhole raw edge 1/2″ from basting, I had in error trimmed 1/2″ from the raw edge. When it came time to turn bias tape to inside along seam, there was hardly any seam left!


I am too frustrated to fix it, so, for even sleeves, I will have to mess up the other sleeve in the same manner. Good thing the rest of the dress will be trimmed in bias tape, giving me a chance to get it right!

The light blue polka dot dress I was working on did not turn out as planned. While I am not afraid of short skirts, I hemmed this dress so short that it turned into a shirt.


While the neckline is full of errors, the cuffs turned out wonderfully.


Such pretty fabric to have flopped!

Recently, I began sewing a real dress from a real pattern.


It turned out way too big and way too boxy!

I feel like an Amish school teacher when put it on.

However, it was not a total flop.


I am very pleased with the lining and the zipper!

The dress will remain unfinished, since I know I will never wear it.

Now, on to skirts….

I had high hopes of making my own dress to wear to an outdoor wedding this summer. The dress was to be green, linen and strapless.

The big side bow turned out nicely.


As did the pleating in the back.


There were some imperfections along the way.


The largest of which was the top, it was too big. And even with boning, I could not get it to lay correctly against my body.


Good thing I packed a backup dress!