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For Mother’s Day gifts, I tried my hand at embroidery.


Using Martha Stewart’s Embroidery Tea Towel kits, I monogrammed two tea towels for my mom and the other moms in my life.


The kits contained everything I needed (except the embroidery hoop): two tea towels, iron-on template, custom dyed thread, needle and instructions. Most of my stitches are back stitched, as it was a little hard to figure out the stem stitch and French knot from printed directions.

I am very pleased with the results!

Cs for my mom.

Rs for my nana.

Ks for my aunt.
I did this set first, and you will notice a color difference due to the acorn-color thread looking more tangerine-colored on the key, oops!

Es for my boyfriend’s mom.

Not pictured are the Ms for my sister, as I gave them to her last weekend. Hopefully she will send me a photo of them in her kitchen!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Summer Scarves for all the moms in my family!