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Prints have never been my thing. I love solids and will wear polka dots and plaids. But prints make me nervous!

I debated branching out with this neon print dress for Easter.


This dress is based off the same H&M dress as my polka dot dress. This time attempting a cowl neckline.


The dress turned out well, but I felt too out of place in it.


Instead, I wore a safe, store bought, navy blue dress.

The light blue polka dot dress I was working on did not turn out as planned. While I am not afraid of short skirts, I hemmed this dress so short that it turned into a shirt.


While the neckline is full of errors, the cuffs turned out wonderfully.


Such pretty fabric to have flopped!

Last summer, I made a flop of a dress with beautiful green linen.

The top was the main flop, so I cut it off and now have a wrap skirt.


Perfect for the warm days of spring.


Very pleased with the finished dress.


Especially since it pairs well with red!



I am super excited about this dress!


The basic shape is from an H&M dress, which I cut apart at the seams to use as my pattern.

I then added a pleated collar and cuffs.




I am super excited to complete this dress!

The top of this dress may look familiar, as it used to be one of my favorite shirts.


Now I want to turn all of my shirts into color blocked dresses!

I like this shirt because it is made of Madras.


However, I feel like a boy whenever I put it on, so I never wear it.

With a little refashioning, I turned it into a girly tube top!


The buttons now run down the back, where I added a little shirring for shape.


Now I like it even more!

I had high hopes of making my own dress to wear to an outdoor wedding this summer. The dress was to be green, linen and strapless.

The big side bow turned out nicely.


As did the pleating in the back.


There were some imperfections along the way.


The largest of which was the top, it was too big. And even with boning, I could not get it to lay correctly against my body.


Good thing I packed a backup dress!

My favorite 5 month old will be baptized this Sunday.

And I will be wearing this skirt:

And enjoying Chick-fil-A, on a Sunday!