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When did I start working on these cushions?

June, I think it was.

And I just finished them in time for Savannah’s February birthday.

I see lots of flaws in them. But they are done, they tie on the bottom and the zipper allows them to be easily removed.

Now all we need is warm weather!


There are many aspects to these cushions that scare me. The first being the piping.

Instead of buying coordinating piping, I made my own.

Here’s how:

1. I cut four 45″ (the cushion’s circumference) x 2″ strips of fabric and four 45″ lengths of white cording.


2. When buying the cording, the associate wrapped the ends with tape to prevent fraying. I did the same.


3. I placed the cording in the middle of the wrong side of the fabric and folded it over like a hot dog. To keep the cording from slipping, I stay stitched one end.


4. Using a zipper foot and a stitch width of 6 (to move the needle as far to the left as possible), I stitched down the length. I found holding the fabric in place to be quicker and easier than using pins.


5. After repeating with the remaining three cords and strips of fabric, my cushion piping was complete!


I did not cut my fabric strips on the bias, which may have been a poor choice.


Considering the next step is to attach the piping to the circular cushion fabric. Yikes!