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This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I got to show off our muslins.


I have been working on the Wiksten Tova Top for myself and the Colette Patterns’ Negroni for him.


My sister took some fun photos of us in my grandparent’s backyard.


While I like the out takes the best, here is the real take.


Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim!


Since I have been working on a few projects that require bias tape (and because I asked) my boyfriend bought me a Clover 1″ Bias Tape Maker for our 35 month anniversary.

I tried it out tonight, following The Coletterie’s Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial.


Step One: Cut a 10″ X 10″ square piece of fabric, then cut in half diagonally, along the bias.



Step Two: With right sides together, pin the two triangles at either of the straight sides. Edge stitch.


Step Three: Open the fabric and press the seam apart.


Step Four: Starting at the edge of the fabric, mark. I marked 2″ lines, since I have a 1″ bias tape maker.


Step Five: With right sides together, fold narrow tips lengthwise to make a small square. This step was tricky! I was sure I was doing it wrong, but I did it anyway.


Step Six: Once folded, offset the 1st row and pin in place, matching the lines while pinning. Sew a narrow 1/4″seam. Press seam apart. Again, I felt like I was doing it wrong.


Step Seven: Starting at the first offset row of drawn lines, cut until you reach the end. The moment of truth, did I follow steps five and six correctly?!


Yes! Success! A continuous 2″ strip!


Step Eight: Pull your continuous bias tape strip through your bias tape maker while pressing the folds with your iron.


The tutorial stated you should produce nearly 100″ of 1/2″ bias tape. With this being my first time, not accurately sewing my two triangles together and using a 1″ bias tape maker, the ends of my continuous strip were not even.   I had to cut 10″ off each end, leaving me with 30″ of useable 1″ bias tape.


Not bad for my first attempt!


Thank you Coletterie!

Friday night I found this pattern from Colette Patterns. I thought it looked simple and fun, so I gave it a whirl. This is how it turned out.


This top gave me a chance to work on a few techniques, mainly bias tape. I made my own with a one inch strip of fabric folded over a little under 1/4 inch on each side. It was time consuming, but good practice. By the last arm hole, I finally got the hang of how to apply it.


I am pleased with my Sorbetto Tank Top!