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This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I got to show off our muslins.


I have been working on the Wiksten Tova Top for myself and the Colette Patterns’ Negroni for him.


My sister took some fun photos of us in my grandparent’s backyard.


While I like the out takes the best, here is the real take.


Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim!


My new favorite thing is turning two tops into one top.


For these tops, I took six old shirts (I mean old, don’t look at the weathered underarms!), and turned them into a trio of tops.


They are great for looking cute, working out and hanging around the house.


I have not worn my polka dotted pool cover up since Memorial Day weekend. So I decided to refashion it into a top.


I call it a top because it is an inch or two too short to wear as a dress. I cut the sheared top off the cover up, cut the bottom off an old tank and combined the two.


The pleating at the empire waistline made the top super comfortable!

The Rainbow Rompers are complete!



I omitted two steps from the McCall’s M533 pattern. First, I did not use interfacing for the bodice of view A. I do not think it would have made much of a difference on the front bodice, but the neck facing sticks up like a mini ruffled collar. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Second, I did not elasticize the waistband. It was one of the last steps and we thought the rompers may look nice with a belt instead of a gathered waist.

The sleeves in view A turned out more tank-like than capped. Again, not a bad thing.


When we put them on, I looked ready for the beach and my romper twin looked ready for an athletic completion of sorts:


The photo may be fuzzy, but the fun-ness of the rompers is clear!

I was not the only one pleased with my linen dress. Here is one happy friend:


I love the fit, the accessories, and the smile.


This photo is my favorite:


I love that something I sewed can look so good!

Two different tops for two rainbow rompers.

The first, for myself, is view B of McCall’s M6533, strapless.


The second, for a friend, is view A, sleeves.


View B was much quicker than A. View A called for interfacing, which I did not use because I have no practice with interfacing and am scared to us it. Both seem to be on the short side, which means the rompers were either made for people with short torsos, or they will have high waisted shorts.

We shall see!

I had grand plans for this post. Me, in my new red ruffle seersucker top, smiling, proudly waving an American flag; supporting the Rolling Thunder as they crossed the Memorial bridge into DC on their 25th First Amendment Demonstration Run. It was going to be cute!

However, I was super sweaty with horrible hair after the long walk there. Nothing about me was cute.

All I have to share are two cropped photos to show that I was there, in my top, waving my flag.



Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday was a perfect first pool day of the summer. Here, amidst the drying towels, is my polka dotted pool cover up:


I used left over fabric from my Very Easy Vogue V8631dress (still in progress), for this simple dress.

Happy sunning and swimming!

Way back in January, one of my birthday gifts was a yard of summer seersucker.

I used it for a ruffled top, to wear on a Memorial Day adventure!

Last night I began working on the bodice for my Vogue 8631 dress. Instead of navy, I selected this orange dot fabric.


I practiced real sewing techniques, like basting pleats and using bias tape.


All was going well until I got to this step, trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4″. It was then I realizes that in the previous step, trim away armhole raw edge 1/2″ from basting, I had in error trimmed 1/2″ from the raw edge. When it came time to turn bias tape to inside along seam, there was hardly any seam left!


I am too frustrated to fix it, so, for even sleeves, I will have to mess up the other sleeve in the same manner. Good thing the rest of the dress will be trimmed in bias tape, giving me a chance to get it right!