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There has been a winter baby boom among my friends, with four of them giving birth within weeks of each other. That means lots of personalized blanket sewing!


First born was Logan, whose mom loves (and coaches) volleyball.


Next born were Braden and Florence, both third-borns.



On Monday my best friend quickly gave birth to her second child, a girl!


I met adorable Jamie on Monday and gently laid her on her new blanket.


Stay warm boys and girls.



And welcome to the world!

I love sewing baby blankets. With a vast variety of fabrics available, it is fun to customize them with mom and baby in mind.

I thought this pink polka dot giraffe print blanket would be perfect for my friend Jenny Lynn and her adorable baby girl.

Stay warm, cozy and stylish baby Bea!

I have very vivid and fond memories of the bedding I used as a little girl, growing up in the 80s. It was older, floral, colorful, and soft. I don’t know where it all went, but I wish it was still around.

When I saw this fabric, I was instantly reminded of my childhood. I bought it, not knowing what I would use it for.


This summer, a good friend gave birth to her second child, first daughter. It was then I knew this fabric would make a perfect blanket for a baby girl, whose mother I am sure grew up sleeping on similar sheets.


Sleep tight, sweet Mary!


This Sunday a sweet baby boy became a child of the covenant.

This is the blanket I made in celebration.


I wanted the blanket to be soft, but manly. So I selected a blue plaid flannel to go with the blue minky.


I hope it keeps him warm for years to come!