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This weekend I am in upstate New York celebrating my great grandmother’s 100th birthday!

She is no stranger to the craft room. Her handmade item of choice – bears. Here is a teddy bear she made for me when I was younger.


Having over 80 direct descendants, I made her this mini 100 leaf family tree, to help her remember whose I am.


Happy 100th Grandma Gertie!


My first attempt at bunting.


To add to the color and flair at my roommate’s around the world wine tasting birthday party.



My scissors got quite the workout with these foxes.


They will become a bunting of sorts, to help celebrate the first birthday of a foxy little lady!


On December 13th, my favorite baby boy turned one! To celebrate, I sewed him pants!



This plaid pair was my favorite.


However, when he put the pants on and sat down, they bursted at the seams! Guess that pair was a little too tight.

His dad is quite talented with the Rubik’s Cube. So I sewed this wonky one out of felt.



Happy Birthday little man!

My 30th birthday party was AMAZING! To thank all my guests, I made mini zip bags, in keeping with my red, black, white and playing card theme.


My niece filled each bag with a fun and encouraging thank you note.


I love parties, I love my family and friends, and I think I am going to love being 30!

Oh, and check a silver nutmeg for more party photos!

I turned 30 yesterday, and my friends made me an awesome card!


I think I am going to really like my 30s!

Most of my family was born in the month of October.

Here are the cards I made them in celebration:

The Family Guy dog for my Brother-in-Law.

Lemon-Lime Gatorade for my Brother.

The Little Mermaid for my Niece.

Mario for my youngest Nephew.

And something a little different for my Nana.

Today is my roommate’s birthday!  I hung this birthday banner by her coffee maker to get the celebration started first thing this morning.