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A baby boy is on the way. I get to help prepare for his arrival with a few sewing projects.


The first of which, a woodlands valance, was delivered tonight.


The next of which, will be worked on this weekend.


My scissors got quite the workout with these foxes.


They will become a bunting of sorts, to help celebrate the first birthday of a foxy little lady!


I wanted to make baby bunnies (similar to this mamma bunny I made last year) for my niece and nephews.


However, they turned out funny!


The girl bunny looks like she is wearing big, tortoise shell sunglasses (probably to hide her embarrassment at her alien-like appearance!).

One funny mamma bunny and her babies!


Isn’t this whale fabric adorable?


Didn’t it make a lovely blanket to celebrate the baptism of a sweet baby girl?


Dear Phil,

We have been enjoying a mild winter. Please keep it that way by not seeing your shadow today.

Those of us ready for a spring fling!


My favorite almost 11 month old and his Halloween bat friends!

A while back, I made this magnetic fishing set for a little buzzard:

Unroll the felt mat…

And go fish!

Now the buzzard is a big brother!

His baby sister deserved something sewn as well:

Complete with bloomers!

Welcome sweet peach!

My favorite 5 month old will be baptized this Sunday.

And I will be wearing this skirt:

And enjoying Chick-fil-A, on a Sunday!

Tomorrow I will be attending a baby shower for one of my good friends.

Looks like this sly fox is ready for the shower as well, baby rattle in paw!

Because it is almost Easter, 3 things soft and round.