What do you give a good friend and JMU alum for her bridal shower?


Napkin rings from here registry and homemade napkins.


I hope she and the Duke Dog she is marrying enjoy entertaining with them!



This Sunday a sweet baby boy became a child of the covenant.

This is the blanket I made in celebration.


I wanted the blanket to be soft, but manly. So I selected a blue plaid flannel to go with the blue minky.


I hope it keeps him warm for years to come!

512 inches to be exact. That is how much bias tape I needed for my most recent project.

This little guy got a lot of work.

There are many aspects to these cushions that scare me. The first being the piping.

Instead of buying coordinating piping, I made my own.

Here’s how:

1. I cut four 45″ (the cushion’s circumference) x 2″ strips of fabric and four 45″ lengths of white cording.


2. When buying the cording, the associate wrapped the ends with tape to prevent fraying. I did the same.


3. I placed the cording in the middle of the wrong side of the fabric and folded it over like a hot dog. To keep the cording from slipping, I stay stitched one end.


4. Using a zipper foot and a stitch width of 6 (to move the needle as far to the left as possible), I stitched down the length. I found holding the fabric in place to be quicker and easier than using pins.


5. After repeating with the remaining three cords and strips of fabric, my cushion piping was complete!


I did not cut my fabric strips on the bias, which may have been a poor choice.


Considering the next step is to attach the piping to the circular cushion fabric. Yikes!

I’ve had this fabric and these notions since May.


I’ve been scared to turn them into cushions, so all I’ve done is cut the cushions into circles.


Until this weekend…

My new favorite thing is turning two tops into one top.


For these tops, I took six old shirts (I mean old, don’t look at the weathered underarms!), and turned them into a trio of tops.


They are great for looking cute, working out and hanging around the house.


Polka dots are cool.


But skulls are cooler.


Put them together and you have one hard core zip bag.


I am spending this weekend in Chicago, celebrating the third birthday of a little buzzard, and needed a new zip bag to help organize the smaller items in my compartment-less tote.


What better way to celebrate the city that brought us The Smashing Pumpkins than with this rocking’ zip bag.


I have not worn my polka dotted pool cover up since Memorial Day weekend. So I decided to refashion it into a top.


I call it a top because it is an inch or two too short to wear as a dress. I cut the sheared top off the cover up, cut the bottom off an old tank and combined the two.


The pleating at the empire waistline made the top super comfortable!

The Rainbow Rompers are complete!



I omitted two steps from the McCall’s M533 pattern. First, I did not use interfacing for the bodice of view A. I do not think it would have made much of a difference on the front bodice, but the neck facing sticks up like a mini ruffled collar. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.


Second, I did not elasticize the waistband. It was one of the last steps and we thought the rompers may look nice with a belt instead of a gathered waist.

The sleeves in view A turned out more tank-like than capped. Again, not a bad thing.


When we put them on, I looked ready for the beach and my romper twin looked ready for an athletic completion of sorts:


The photo may be fuzzy, but the fun-ness of the rompers is clear!

On Monday, I will be mailing a package full of bunting to a laid back little boy who turns 1 this week.


Can’t wait to see how it turns out for his party!