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Spring is a time of new life and new love, as the wedding season begins. A friend asked me to contribute to the cuteness of her ring bearers by sewing purple gingham ties and suspenders.

Using these materials:



This tutorial and this tutorial , I created these:



Cuteness accomplished!

When I am given a good gift, I use it until it can’t be used anymore. About five years ago, my good friend Jessica gave me this skull makeup bag as a thank you for helping out on a youth fall retreat.

Since then, my makeup has always been in this bag. And this bag has always been in my purse. It has become well worn over the years, and the time came to replace it. Instead of buying a new one, I set out to re-create the old one.

Measuring the dimensions, I drafted a pattern and cut my pieces. To make the bag more durable, I used interfacing on the skull fabric and lined the bag with black polka dots.

After sewing in the zipper, I realized my first mistake – when drafting a pattern, you need to add the seam allowance to every side of the fabric.

The bag has more of a box shape, which is harder than it looks to sew. A few mistakes later, I was ready to sew my final seam.

Surprisingly, it worked!

Also surprisingly, even with the seam allowance error, the new bag turned out bigger than the old bag.

Change is not easy for me, but I am liking my new bag more and more each day.


When did I start working on these cushions?

June, I think it was.

And I just finished them in time for Savannah’s February birthday.

I see lots of flaws in them. But they are done, they tie on the bottom and the zipper allows them to be easily removed.

Now all we need is warm weather!

There has been a winter baby boom among my friends, with four of them giving birth within weeks of each other. That means lots of personalized blanket sewing!


First born was Logan, whose mom loves (and coaches) volleyball.


Next born were Braden and Florence, both third-borns.



On Monday my best friend quickly gave birth to her second child, a girl!


I met adorable Jamie on Monday and gently laid her on her new blanket.


Stay warm boys and girls.



And welcome to the world!

I love sewing baby blankets. With a vast variety of fabrics available, it is fun to customize them with mom and baby in mind.

I thought this pink polka dot giraffe print blanket would be perfect for my friend Jenny Lynn and her adorable baby girl.

Stay warm, cozy and stylish baby Bea!

This Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I got to show off our muslins.


I have been working on the Wiksten Tova Top for myself and the Colette Patterns’ Negroni for him.


My sister took some fun photos of us in my grandparent’s backyard.


While I like the out takes the best, here is the real take.


Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim!

This Columbus Day I worked on the outdoor cushions that I began this spring.

I pinned the custom made piping to the top circular piece and sewed in place using a zipper foot.

Once sewed, I trimmed the excess fabric and repeated in the other top piece.

These cushions still scare me.

Next up is sewing the bottom pieces, with the tie-downs that I made today.

But I am not sure the best way to do so.

A baby boy is on the way. I get to help prepare for his arrival with a few sewing projects.


The first of which, a woodlands valance, was delivered tonight.


The next of which, will be worked on this weekend.

Here is a quick look at how I made my JMU inspired napkins.

Folding two yards of purple cotton fabric in half and then in half again, I cut two 16″x16″ squares.


Leaving me with 8 napkins.


Instead of cutting along the bias, I folded my trim fabric the same as above and cut 2″ strips until I had 512 inches of strips.


I pulled the 2″ strips through my 1″ bias tape maker, pressing to hold the shape. I then folded the bias tap in half to create tons of double fold bias tape for the trim.


I cut four 16″ strips for each napkin, two of which had the ends folded under.


I pinned the bias tape in place as trim around the napkins and sewed in place.


I love them!

I have very vivid and fond memories of the bedding I used as a little girl, growing up in the 80s. It was older, floral, colorful, and soft. I don’t know where it all went, but I wish it was still around.

When I saw this fabric, I was instantly reminded of my childhood. I bought it, not knowing what I would use it for.


This summer, a good friend gave birth to her second child, first daughter. It was then I knew this fabric would make a perfect blanket for a baby girl, whose mother I am sure grew up sleeping on similar sheets.


Sleep tight, sweet Mary!